What is your favorite sex position

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Cowgirl Some people love it because of the ease of orgasm, and others find it tiresome, and some people are too worried about the potential to break a penis. Those who love to spoon are romantic — but can also be a little lazy 5.

What is your favorite sex position

So I guess it says that as a woman I like to both lead and follow. Whether its downing semen or speedily whipping off bras one-handed, these people will be remembered for winning these weird world records.

What is your favorite sex position

What is your favorite sex position

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  1. Why bother with friction burns, awkward angles, when quite simply a good deep missionary will do the job every time? Sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight revealed all in a recent article in Fabulous.

  2. Very independent and very efficient. Getting frisky on top allows you greater control of the speed and positioning.