What makes sex a holy act

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While fully honoring and supporting those who choose to abstain from sex for spiritual reasons, for those who choose to include sexuality in their spiritual path, it is important to be open and real in discussing this powerful force and how it can be used to change our lives and world. Considering all of this, how can we transform sexual energy in our lives and in our world to better support the good of all of us? Sex is not always the cause of marriage problems, but it is very often the indicator of how satisfying and happy the marriage is in general.

What makes sex a holy act

June The Catholic Church defines chastity as the virtue that moderates the sexual appetite. That you are reading this book means that you are still seeking both simultaneously.

What makes sex a holy act

What makes sex a holy act

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  1. God designed sex to be an encounter with the divine! Making something lawful, even acceptable to society does not necessarily make it holy.