What sex is the pitcher plants

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The objectives of this study were examined sex differences, identify unknown species of the young plants from markets or wild. Two unknown species from Chatuchak market were analyzed to be N. The DNA was evaluated with 0.

What sex is the pitcher plants

Nepenthes infauna Organisms that spend at least part of their lives within the pitchers of Nepenthes species are often called Nepenthes infauna. Poiret described two of the four Nepenthes species known at the time:

What sex is the pitcher plants

What sex is the pitcher plants

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  1. In his most celebrated work, Flora Cochinchinensis, he writes: The revival of global interest in the cultivation and study of Nepenthes is credited to Japanese botanist Shigeo Kurata , whose work in the s and s did much to bring attention to these plants.

  2. Poiret described two of the four Nepenthes species known at the time: Getty Images The deadly, hinge-jawed Venus flytrap, Dionaea muscipula, is probably the craziest of all.

  3. Due to their interesting characteristic as carnivorous plants with attractive pitchers, these plants have high economic importance as ornamentals. Amplified products were detected by agarose gel electrophoresis in TAE buffer 0.

  4. He gave the former its current name and called the latter Nepente de l'Inde, or simply "Nepenthes of India", although this species is absent from the mainland. The primer produces identical banding patterns in the two species, 2 bands at about and bp in female and 3 bands with additional male-related marker at about bp Fig.