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Religious doctrine generally opposes premarital sex, and religious young people are more likely than those who are not religious to delay first sex, avoid premarital sex, and have fewer sexual partners Manlove et al. Edin and Kefalas described poor young women who perceive potential stability in a path of early sex, lack of contraception, and early parenthood. Poverty-related structural disadvantages in black neighborhoods—such as lower-quality schools, fewer churches, fewer community centers or associations, and generally less-cohesive local networks—may contribute to so-called ghetto-related behaviors, including teen and nonmarital pregnancy, among residents Anderson ; Wilson

White women having sex w black men

Hypothesis 1 Relationships and Sex: Hypothesis 4 Contraceptive Use and Method Instability:

White women having sex w black men

White women having sex w black men

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  1. Contraceptive non-use is higher among black young people than white young people; and among users, black young people are less likely to report highly effective methods e. Legacy of Eugenics Although poverty may affect contraceptive use, given that poor women are less likely to have insurance 3 Ebrahim et al.

  2. The research literature has suggested that 1 young women see their mothers or women in their neighborhoods as role models and imitate their behavior Axinn and Thornton ; Brewster ; Newcomer and Udry ; Thornton and Camburn ; 2 the often lower levels of parental supervision in disadvantaged households permit earlier and riskier sexual behavior Meade et al. The specific analytic sample for each outcome is described in more detail in the next section.

  3. We restrict our analyses to the first 12 months of the study, when response rates were highest. The uncertainty and instability endemic to concentrated poverty Gottschalk and Moffitt ; Western et al.

  4. Empirically testing these and other similar hypotheses requires dynamic data on sex and contraception use over time. Religiosity may have a differential racial impact on both young sex and contraceptive use.