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An empty, filthy pool paints a grim portrait of life here. Body camera footage from one raid showed officers walking in on a man who appeared to be receiving sexual services from a female worker. Investigators are looking through items seized at the sites, and could lay criminal charges in the coming weeks.

Who want sex in mudgeeraba

Living conditions have been described as third world. In its annual report, Queensland's Prostitution Licensing Authority said legal brothels were making more complaints about the scale of illegal prostitution, which was costing them business.

Who want sex in mudgeeraba

Who want sex in mudgeeraba

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  1. This is our home. However, police are almost daily visitors at the Mudgeeraba Caravan Village and the area is deemed so unsafe that ambulances only go there with a police escort.

  2. Every Friday, Transformations director Matthew Russell and program co-ordinator Mark Farrugia lead a team of volunteers to the park where they build relationships with the residents.

  3. Supplied The owner also defended his tenants, saying it was only a handful of people who abused alcohol and drugs.