Why cant i have sex

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I am Middle Eastern female age 29 and just married. Additionally, although physical conditions, such as endometriosis, vaginal infections, or an episiotomy are not directly responsible for a woman experiencing vaginismus, they may, through association, contribute to vaginismus indirectly through conditioning.

Why cant i have sex

Some women who have been brought up to believe that sexual intercourse is wrong to engage in before marriage, or have conflict regarding sexuality and behaving sexually may also find themselves having difficulty with intercourse. Lack of sensitivity on the physician's part, or neglecting to adequately inform the patient what she can expect, has sometimes contributed to the pelvic exam being a negative experience for women; causing them to fear sexual intercourse. As Parker details in her article, sexual dysfunction in young adulthood can be humiliating and depressing.

Why cant i have sex

Why cant i have sex

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  1. But a husband who does these things for his wife is going to be a man with a happy wife — one who will feel potent and good about himself. Unfortunately, there are still some physicians and gynecologists who may not be very sensitive to a woman's concerns or see the problem as simply one of "needing to relax" or "not worrying.

  2. And, unfortunately, for some women, it is their first pelvic examination that causes them to be fearful.