Why do guys like to have sex

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As the day goes on, men steadily make testosterone. It takes time for us to warm up and for our body to respond to yours.

Why do guys like to have sex

And why, late at night, when a woman is in the mood for love, is her man just lying there, snoring? The hormone is needed to trigger muscle growth and sperm production. After a loss in a big game, there was a 20 per cent drop in levels.

Why do guys like to have sex

Why do guys like to have sex

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  1. If he says he finds your body beautiful, he does. Women also make testosterone -the main sex drive hormone -but produce a fraction of the amount and it rises by only a tiny bit overnight.

  2. According to a study of saliva tests by the University of Utah, sports fans watching a World Cup game boosted hormone levels by about 20 per cent if their team won.

  3. Cortisol, studies show, lowers the sex drive of both men and women. It takes time for us to warm up and for our body to respond to yours.

  4. Which is why, women with polycystic ovaries, who have increased levels of testosterone, don't have increased libido. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive.