Why does sex put you to sleep

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Thus the vehicle built around this nucleus becomes an exact counterpart of the corresponding vehicle of the last life minus the evil which has been expurgated and plus the quintessence of good which has been incorporated in the seed-atom. Instead of losing the hand, we escape with a blister which quickly heals. In the beginning of Dr.

Why does sex put you to sleep

If we heed that feeling and abstain from the particular evil involved, the temptation will cease. Ditto those who need caffeine in the afternoon to stay awake. The pictures in the panorama of the coming life, of which we have just spoken, begin at the cradle and end at the grave.

Why does sex put you to sleep

Why does sex put you to sleep

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  1. These may be changed or even eradicated, as noted in the explanation concerning the forgiveness of sins which is given a few pages further on, which change or eradication depends upon the elimination of these impressions from the ether of the vital body.

  2. If the spiritual energy is strong it may force its way through to the brain centers and hold its clothing of desire-stuff while manipulating the vital force, thus compelling action, and will then leave upon the memory a vivid impression of the struggle and the victory. If in line with his proclivities it will act as per paragraph 1a.

  3. It is as though a carpenter were given a pile of boards to use in building a house in which to live, but is left to his own judgment as to the kind of house he wishes to build. It vainly protests in different ways, but the desire body of the drunkard craves the drink and forces the dense body to take it, that the desire body may have the sensation of pleasure resulting from the increased vibration.