Why should sex education be tought

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With so much literature about sex being already available in the form of stories, pornography, and online sex clips they might consider themselves to be much better aware than their teacher. Your kids can learn about safer sex and contraception and still choose to practice abstinence with your guidance from home. As parents, we have the duty and right to pass our values about sex onto our kids.

Why should sex education be tought

You can't opt your children in or out of math. Sex education should be mandatory, comprehensive, medically accurate, and taught throughout student's school years, just like math. It is made to believe that sex is something dirty and should never be talked about whereas the fact is sex is a natural phenomenon just like other faculties of the human body.

Why should sex education be tought

Why should sex education be tought

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  1. Even among Evangelical Christians, one of the most conservative groups in the United States, more people are having sex outside of marriage than not.

  2. But schools should be teaching programs that prepare all kids to have healthy and happy lives, and give them facts that will help keep them safe. If consent education is included, all kids can benefit from the empowering message of bodily autonomy and respect for others.

  3. Even more shocking, 50 percent of people will have contracted an STI before the age of School students are going through many bodily changes and here sex education will answer their questions about sexuality and changes in their bodies and thinking as well.