Wives tales to predict sex of baby

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Well into the nineteenth century a new husband became liable for any debts previously incurred by his bride but, if the girl went to the altar weaning no more than her dress, any creditors would take pity on such an obviously poor young soul and not wish to compound the problems in her new life by pressing their bills. It is unlucky to put a hat on the bed America.

Wives tales to predict sex of baby

In Scotland, a newborn child is said to remain under 'the fairy spells' until it has sneezed for the first time. You were correct I gave birth to a beautiful girl as predicted by you. The opening of a door of its own accord indicates that a visitor is on the way, whilst a slamming door may damage the 'spirit of the house' and should be avoided.

Wives tales to predict sex of baby

Wives tales to predict sex of baby

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  1. As such, a sudden loss of hair is unlucky, forecasting a decline in health, loss of property or failure in business, or the death of a closely related child.