Women having anal sex with women

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Using the software NVivo, all transcripts were coded independently by staff members who then compared the codes, compared discrepancies, and discussed them until consensus was reached. A similar dynamic may be at work among women who engage in unprotected anal intercourse in order to achieve a greater degree of intimacy with their male partners, as in the case of some of our participants. The studies that have used heterosexual samples have generally focused on parts of the world, such as South Africa, that have not only high rates of anal intercourse among heterosexuals, but also high HIV prevalence in the general population and high numbers of concurrent partners among heterosexuals Kalichman et al.

Women having anal sex with women

Moreover, receptive anal intercourse even carries a risk 2 times greater than that of needle-sharing during injection drug use. Risk, power, and the possibility of pleasure: Nevertheless, as we did not survey a control group of women who engaged in low-risk, protected anal intercourse, it may be difficult to draw conclusions about the relationship between sexual risk-taking and pleasure-seeking behaviors from our sample alone.

Women having anal sex with women

Women having anal sex with women

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  1. Vulnerability to HIV among regular male partners and the social coding of intimacy in modern societies. Additionally, Halperin 1 found that women who engaged in anal intercourse were less likely to use condoms during anal intercourse than during vaginal intercourse.

  2. Several studies have quantified the increased risk of heterosexual transmission from one act of anal intercourse as compared to one act of vaginal intercourse Boily et al.