Women in the navy selling sex

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Robert Gates, the Defence Secretary in Washington, announced that he intended to repeal the rule possibly within weeks. Women have served on board Royal Navy surface ships for about 20 years but they remain outlawed from submarines. However, last November Royal Navy medic Kate Nesbitt was awarded the Military Cross after saving the life of a wounded marine under enemy fire in Afghanistan.

Women in the navy selling sex

If the Royal Navy allows the move, only mine-clearance diving units and the Royal Marines would be closed to women in the Armed Forces. We're not concerned really. An MoD spokesman refused to confirm whether women will be allowed to serve in submarines.

Women in the navy selling sex

Women in the navy selling sex

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  1. The RAF also has female pilots and navigators. Sex scandal fears as women set to be allowed to serve in Navy submarines Most watched News videos.

  2. The Ministry of Defence in London is expected to follow suit - allowing the Navy's 3, women sailors from taking jobs beneath the waves. Studies have also found that male soldiers' first instinct would be to protect wounded female comrades rather than continue fighting the enemy.

  3. Continue Reading Below Advertisement "I saw all the paperwork that would cross the captain's desk where women mostly very young women would get pregnant intentionally while on board to get an 'easy out' from the Navy," Nick explains.

  4. The Vanguard-class submarines which carry the UK's Trident nuclear missiles typically put to sea on patrols lasting four months or more without resurfacing, while 'hunter-killer' submarines remain submerged for months gathering intelligence or shadowing suspect ships. Advertisement The morlocks are stuck belowdeck, while the cool kids get to play Top Gun.