Womwen has sex with 10 guys

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Or not bothered at all. We were inspired by a study published this month in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, which found that millennials or snake people , if you prefer are on pace to sleep with an average of eight partners during their lifetimes, fewer than Generation X 10 partners and the baby boomers 11 partners. NHS clinics are free, confidential and will help you talking to your partner if it turns out you do have an infection requiring treatment.

Womwen has sex with 10 guys

What is he like? Follow her on Twitter drpetra.

Womwen has sex with 10 guys

Womwen has sex with 10 guys

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  1. Women with the most children Valentina Vassilyeva was a baby-making machine who lived in the 18th century.

  2. Or not bothered at all. Although the GSS does ask participants to count up their male and female partners separately, we decided to combine the answers.