Worried about pregnancy but no sex

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If you have problems understanding and calculating your due date, check out and download a copy of the Ob calculator by York Winston. Needless to say I was still upset about something so he stopped to hug me. Should I stick to the earlier scan or should I use the later scan to fix my Due date?

Worried about pregnancy but no sex

Men do secrete sperm throughout the sex act and it only takes one. In the later part of pregnancy the measurements will be affected by growth variations and will no longer reflect the fetal 'age' correctly.

Worried about pregnancy but no sex

Worried about pregnancy but no sex

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  1. Add 14 days and your next menses will come. GE Gemma 11 Apr I have a question two days ago I had sex with this guy and we used a condom the first time but did it again I went and got the after morning pill today but my the health nurse thinks I'm fertile I'm really scared because I'm fertile does this mean I could be pregnant even if he didn't cum?

  2. I will have a scan tomorrow. If he did any vaginal penetration at all there is a chance for pregnancy.