Www michigan sex offenders com

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But for some people, it may be possible to be removed from the sex offender registry. Different Tiers for Different Offenses Michigan divides sex offenders into three different levels, or tiers. Simply typing your ZIP code into the search tool will give you a list with photos if they are available of every registered sex offender who shares your ZIP code.

Www michigan sex offenders com

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Www michigan sex offenders com

Www michigan sex offenders com

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  1. In Michigan, if you are under the age of 16, the court considers you incapable of being able to give consent, even if you are in a relationship, and even if the offender was a minor as well.

  2. When you view the lists and maps generated through the search tool, keep in mind that you may be looking at work addresses in addition to a sex offender's home address.

  3. You will likely need to supply documentation that can help confirm you are not considered a threat to society. The amount of time you spend on the registry as well as the number of appearances you make will depend on the tier offense with which your conviction aligns.