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Environmental degradation had only just been exposed by Rachel Carson, and Betty Friedan had not yet deconstructed the feminine mystique. Segregation, by race legally and by gender socially, was the norm, and intolerance, though declining, was still disturbingly high.

Wwwwsex com

Infant mortality, a standard measure of public health, stood at twenty-six per one thousand births -- forty-four per one thousand for black infants -- in , nearly four times worse than those indexes would be at the end of the century. Not only are Americans flocking into bowling leagues and garden clubs, they are satisfying their gregarious urges in countless neighborhood committees to improve the local roads and garbage collections and to hound their public servants into doing what the name implies.

Wwwwsex com

Wwwwsex com

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  1. But that very bulge at the bottom of the nation''s demographic pyramid boded well for the future of community organizations, for they could look forward to swelling membership rolls in the s, when the boomers would reach the peak "joining" years of the life cycle.

  2. Even though they aimed to sell more than one hundred thousand books to benefit college scholarships in the event, co-chair Alix Myerson explained, the volunteers who ran the program "are in their sixties, seventies, and eighties.